The GUB: Generic Universal Boardgame

by Stephan Beal

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Version 0.8.x Beta
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2000

GUB, the Generic Universal Boardgame, is a Java 2 application that allows players to play almost any type of board game from the comfort of their computer chair. Using a simple text file with game piece descriptions, a GIF or JPG copy of a game board, and an optional set of graphics for the game pieces, almost any board game can be played using this interface. Several game piece sets are distributed here, and others may be created by other people and distributed from elsewhere.

GUB is in Beta (and so are its web pages), and should not be considered final software. It is quite stable, but does not yet have all of the features I intend to add in. Okay, it'll NEVER have ALL the features I want to add, but it'll be at rev 1.0 someday.

Jan 16, '99: Latest News: After several months of not working on it (I'm working 2 jobs now, so it's been impossible), GUB work is back in progress after I got a Midnight Flash of Brilliance which I think will solve the crashes caused by the DnD.





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